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We were in Las Vegas recently and while many malls and shopping centers had many vacancies, I didn’t see a single one at any big-time casino. I know this can not be just to the number of people because some stores rarely had people in them. My friend was thinking the casinos don’t charge any monthly rent and only a percentage of income – that way the stores are filled. I can’t find any information about this on the internet. Do you know! Thanks

Not sure actually. I was in Vegas recently myself and didn’t see many people in the shops. I was in the Stratosphere though and there were many franchise shops there which I presumed the hotel owned and had staff from the hotel working in them.

Also, hotels such as Caesars Palace would have very high-end boutiques which are never busy anyway. A couple of ridiculously rich people go in to them everyday and they make a fortune. I can’t imagine the rent to be very cheap in Caesars, Venetian and Bellagio with the amount of people walking around with money hanging out of their pockets.

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