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I’ll be leaving in two weeks to spend a whole weekend in Las Vegas, so i was wondering which casinos out there are the best to go gamble and possibly or hopefully win a lot (if i’m lucky) and not get ripped off and much more if ya know what i mean(?) Locals? Experts? Pros? On the Strip? Downtown? Casino names? Anyone? Thank you!

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Answer by Alex Spuddy
Entertainment – Mirage
Theme – Caesars Palace/Imperial Palace
Pool – Flamingo
Room Luxury – MGM Grand
Entrance – Bellagio
Games – MGM Grand/Caesars Palace
All on or near the LV strip
9/10 you won’t win anything. If you win more than three times on the same day they will black book you and kick you out of the casino forever. Slots won’t work. Video poker takes skill but odds of winning a thing for most machines are slim. If you count cards or use any legal way to get an advantage on blackjack, they blackbook you. Wheel of fortune has weights and they’re legally allowed to use them. Roulette has slim odds in all casinos except MGM grand. Craps is fun in all casinos but most of all MGM grand and caesars palace.

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